2022 City Election



Voterlookup.ca is no longer collecting or confirming information for the 2022 municipal and school board elections for this municipality.  Owen Sound's Municipal Clerk's office can  confirm your name is included on the 2022 Municipal Voters' List in Owen Sound here.

City Hall, 808 2nd Avenue East, Owen Sound, Email: [email protected]  Telephone: (519) 370-7340

Voters need to have a Voter Information Letter in order to vote. The letter will be mailed to everyone on the Voters' List in October. The letter will have voting instructions and a unique Personal Identification Number that will be used to log into the internet election site or onto the telephone election platform. If you do not receive a Voter Information Letter in October, you can visit the Clerk’s Office at City Hall with identification to confirm yourregistration status and receive your letter.


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