2022 City Election



- by Carol Merton

For those who have thrown their hat into the candidates-for-election ring, the next few hours are a time in between. It is a time to question, to wonder and to hope. It is also a time to pause; a time in between; a time to say thank you. Thank you to those who demonstrated support by signing nomination papers, those who formed campaign teams, those who agreed to have signs placed on their property and those who “planted” the signs in the most interesting places!

There have been stories shared, concerns raised, frustrations vented and occasionally a thank you to those who show courage by asking for your vote to represent our community.

To the organizers of the All Candidates debates, to the TV stations that gave the air time for the platform speeches, the radio stations, students in schools, community on line newspapers, social media and others who asked group or individual questions, thank you for ensuring that we dug deep to respond to your questions. You asked us to take the pulse on the issues that matter to our community. We reflected and responded from our understanding and life experiences.

All of the candidates have shown leadership. Those elected will need to continue to demonstrate consistently that leadership is when you mean what you say, say what you mean, follow through, communicate effectively and evaluate the results. And the cycle begins again.

Thank You.

Carol Merton, Owen Sound

Carol Merton is a candidate for Owen Sound City Council




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