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First and foremost, the one thing I am most proud of that has been achieved by the 2014- 2018 Councillors for the City of Owen Sound is the development of a great working team. Each member of Council has their say and each member is respected for their opinion. However, all projects are approached as a "team".

This Council is conscientious of the priority of items and the budget to make the best decisions for our taxpayers. This Council has been successful in  dealing with many challenges faced early in their term. With the 8th Street East hill reconstruction and Ryerson Park upgrade came challenges with the collapse of the hill during construction. Leadership during the frozen pipe challenge of January and February of 2015 was phenomenal by our staff, the Mayor and Council as a "team". Leadership to the community through the arson fires in August of 2015 was exceptional by the citizens of Owen Sound and the area, our staff, the Mayor and Council as a "team".
In helping to make our community a place "where you want to live", this Council has completed the "Strategic Plan 2020 – Making Our Vision Clear". Thanks are extended to the previous Council for getting this project and many others started, such as the Waste Water Treatment Plant and Riverfront Precinct Project but they certainly needed the efforts of this Council to continue them forward.
This Council as a "team" have tried to boost growth by providing a holiday on development charges. 3rd Avenue East road reconstruction has taken place in conjunction with the County of Grey. Water and wastewater servicing has been approved for the Sydenham Heights Development area. As you drive around Owen Sound, you can see that various other development projects are progressing.
A decision has been made to proceed with an OPP costing and work continues with the Owen Sound Professional Firefighters in efforts to reduce costs of emergency services to the taxpayers of Owen Sound.
In an effort to make our place of business safer for our employees, a decision was made by the Council "team" to upgrade City Hall on its current site. Everyone is excited to see the completion of this long awaited and necessary project.
Through the thorough efforts of staff and the Council "team", a review of City Services in nearing completion which will result in over $800,000 in savings to the municipality.
With community participation, Council and the County of Grey have been able to find a path
for ATV's to travel through the City on a trial basis.
Having sat at the "big table" these past two years has taught me that things progress but at a different pace than when you are at the "smaller table". In administration, you see all the various stages of a project on an almost daily basis. Council is given the information once staff has done their homework. We have a very good staff at the City and their thorough work process is well respected by myself and the Council "team".
I have been asked what I feel I have accomplished and the answer is simple. I have been proud to be part of the "team" that has accomplished the items I have listed above. I have grown to know and respect a new group of individuals that works well together and works well with staff, respecting their efforts, opinions, and knowledge. My campaign was run on the topic of "making our size and our beauty our business" which I feel is gradually progressing nicely with a revitalization review taking place in the downtown area and development taking place, both residential and commercial. I am looking forward to the next two years of my term and working for the citizens of Owen Sound to keep things practical, affordable and progressive.





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