owen-sound-city-transit-fullThe Brooke Bus Route will be detouring to avoid the construction on the 16th Street West hill between 4th Avenue West and 8th Avenue West on July 4th and 5th and following the full closure of the road on July 10, 2017.

The Brooke Route will detour around 16th Street West on July 4th and 5th and the full road closure will begin on July 10, 2017 until construction is complete in September.

bus routeThe Brooke Bus will pick up passengers at the 7th Avenue West stop on 19th Street West and then turn around and proceed back down to 4th Avenue West. A temporary stop will be installed on the northwest corner of 16th Street West and 4th Avenue West.

Missed stops will be posted "Not in Service" and include the following stops:

 19th Street West at 8th Avenue West
 8th Avenue West at 16th Street 'A' West
 16th Street West at 7th Avenue West

We regret any inconvenience this detour may cause to our transit patrons.

source: media release, City of Owen Sound




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