Councillor Travis Dodd admitted that it's a long range plan, given that the City's waste contract is not up until 2023, but his motion passed unanimously at tonight's Owen Sound council meeting.

"WHEREAS the Council for the City of Owen Sound strives to find more efficient ways to deliver services; and

WHEREAS both Owen Sound and our neighbour, the Township of Georgian Bluffs desire to provide source separated organic and Green Bin waste services; and

WHEREAS Georgian Bluffs and the Township of Chatsworth share a bio-digester system that needs organic waste to operate efficiently; and

WHEREAS regionalized and shared services is a strategy to obtain efficiencies and savings;

NOW THEREFORE I hereby give Notice that I will move or cause to be moved, a motion at the next regular Council meeting,

THAT City Council directs the Mayor and staff to correspond with the Councils of the Townships of Georgian Bluffs and Chatsworth to discuss and negotiate coordination of waste management and sources separated organic service contracts to find efficiencies and benefit for all parties."




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