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There were no questions from the public on the 2019 budget at Owen Sound council tonight.  The budget, available here in full, had been discussed by council over three days of meetings in January. It passed with no discussion, with one vote opposed.

The estimated increase for the average household in Owen Sound will be $88.16. The breakdown of the $3603.00 bill for that average home, with the City, County and School Board combined, would look like this....

Screen Shot 2019 03 04 at 10.16.04 PM

This represents an increase of 2.51%.

By department, this is how those tax dollars will be spent. 

Screen Shot 2019 03 04 at 7.18.18 PM

Major capital projects for 2019 include the following:

Screen Shot 2019 03 04 at 10.50.49 PM











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