With the 10th Street Bridge scheduled to be closed, it is anticipated response times for the Owen Sound Fire & Emergency Services (OSFES) as well as the Inter Township Fire Department (ITFD) could be impacted due to both departments using alternate routes to cross town.

Working cooperatively with the Municipality of Meaford and the Township of Georgian Bluffs, a plan has been developed to maintain public safety and response times.

The 10th Street corridor is a main route for the ITFD and the OSFES to respond to emergency calls. It is anticipated this bridge closure will affect our response to the west side of town and the ITFD’s response to the east side of town. An agreement has been approved by Meaford and Georgian Bluffs Councilsin an effort to minimize any impact to fire emergency service levels to the citizens of Owen Sound, Georgian Bluffs and Meaford.The plan is to make fire prevention services available reciprocally among the partners.

This will be accomplished by:

  • OSFES housing a pumper at the ITFD from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. staffed by 2 suppression staff.
  • If the OSFES truck and staff is dispatched to a fire or life threatening incident on the City’s west side, the on duty ITFD staff will respond and assist until the otherOSFES staff arrive on scene
  • The ITFD will house one pumper at the Owen Sound station 24/7. ITFD staff will respond to the Owen Sound station and respond to the incident from that location
  • In the event the ITFD are called to a life-threatening incident orstructure fire in the Sydenham area, if required, ITFD staff will instruct dispatch to request OSFES to respond with one pumper tanker with 1 officer and 2 firefighters if available and they will respond immediately. The OSFES apparatus and staff will remain on scene until adequate ITFD staff arrive on scene. The ITFD Incident Commander will determine when OSFES staff may clear the scene.
  • ITFD staff will advise fire dispatch if and when the OSFES pumper and crew is requested. Dispatch will tone out the Owen Sound station along with a description of the incident and directions.
  • This agreement will stay in effect from the closing of the 10thStreet Bridge until it is reopened for daily traffic.
  • Any response under this agreement will be considered a sharing ofservices and there will be no cost recovery by any party involved.Any request for assistance over and above this described agreement will be considered a mutual aid response.
  • All parties involved may agree to modify this agreement while it is in place.

source: report by Doug Barfoot, Fire Chief, to Owen Sound City Council




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