Greenwood cemeteryThe City of Owen Sound invites the public to review the draft 2020-2025 Greenwood Cemetery Master Plan draft recommendations, and complete a questionnaire to support and inform the priority of each recommendation.

The draft 2020-2025 Greenwood Cemetery Master Plan, presented to the Community Services Committee on December 18, 2019, provides guidance to ensure that Greenwood Cemetery continues to meet the needs of the community. It also ensures that the Cemetery services are responsive to changes in the bereavement industry, including how services are delivered and the scope of services that are offered.

This questionnaire seeks public input for the 16 recommendations presented in the draft plan. The questionnaire will be open until 4:30pm on February 1, 2020. A follow up report discussing the responses will be prepared for the Community Services Committee after the questionnaire closes.

source: media release, City of Owen Sound




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