- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

During a special meeting on Friday, city council members were given a full and thorough review of the Owen Sound water and waste water systems and plans. This is the same information being given to Hemson Consulting for the preparation of our water and waste water financial plan – one of the requirements for obtaining a municipal drinking water licence under the Safe Drinking Water Act.

After the plan is developed, it will be brought to council for consideration of water and waste water rates going forward. By law, the system must be sustained by customer rates – not city taxes.

Currently, the fixed rate for water is about $25/month for the average 4 person household. Usage rates are $1.40 per cubic metre and the average Owen Sound bungalow uses 52 cubic metres in 3 months.

The waste water rate is 124% of the customer’s total water charges (water service charge plus water consumption charge).

Our largest water consumer is Grey Bruce Health Services with 252,979,000 Litres of water used in 2019.

At the meeting, council voted to bring staffing up to its full pre-2009 complement to meet current needs by hiring an additional Water Distribution Operator. The background for this recommendation, prepared by Dennis Kefalas, Director of Public Works, is here.







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