A downtown property taxpayer has sent us this question they intend to ask at Council tonight during Public Question Period.  The questioner has no ties to the businesses mentioned.

"Item 13B on the agenda tonight is the Athletic Locker’s request to use the Julie McArthur Arena Floor for a pop up sale. This out of town company sells discounted sporting goods and their sale will have a direct negative impact on the sales of at least 7 businesses in Owen Sound, 4 of which are located in the Downtown area, an area already affected by the Bridge rebuilding.

The businesses affected pay taxes, employ taxpayers, support local teams and events and contribute to this city year round not for just one week. There are currently dozens of vacant retail locations available in Owen Sound. Can you tell me what the benefit is to allow a out of town company to come cherry pick sales for a week and contribute nothing to this city aside from a rental fee?

I would also ask if there is a member of this Council who would be willing to request a recorded vote on this matter."





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