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orangelodgeThis Sunday, September 24th Grey County invites everyone to come to Grey Roots and Moreston Village to "celebrate" Irish (Celtic) culture. referred to as Pratie Oaten.

However their website makes no mention of the fact that this "Irish Festival" will be held under the shadow of a building owned, built and operated by an organisation which has, for centuries, been opposite to anything Irish. In fact...

A-Drop-Of-Drink-Drips-Waterworks-Water-Faucet-Cup-2057924Dear Editor
I am a Registered dietitian in Guelph, Ontario and I currently work with adults with gastrointestinal diseases and functional disorders. I have recently become interested and concerned with the long-standing practice of water fluoridation. My first reason for concern is the possible risk of chronic fluoride toxicity and its impact on an individual's health. This concern is shared by the US National Research Council, The US Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry and Health Canada.
In the U.S. National Research Council's 2006 publication,..

tempcityhallDear Editor,

The mayor of City of Owen Sound has time for ribbon cuttings for some local businesses but doesn't even bother returning the phone calls of others. I guess if you're on 2nd Ave E you are far more important than those in the ghetto (10th St E/3rd Ave E). I call it a ghetto not because of the people but because of how the City treats it. A month to get...

missileCanada should not take part in the U.S.'s missile defense system. If the United States had turned the other cheek after 9-11, we would be far less likely to be in the mess that we are in today. North Korea sees itself as...




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