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gavelTogether with over 70 percent of Canadians, our MP Larry Miller is livid at the Khadr settlement.
The two opinions as presented by his critics are contrived. We are told that we can either fight Khadr tooth and nail every step of the way through the courts OR we can pay him ten million plus.
There is a third option and it is done every day in Ontario courts. Admit liability and contest damages. That is, admit that the man's Charter rights were breached and proceed to a trial of what that might be worth. The "admission" only concedes....

deareditorI respond to Mr. Trudeau's statement published across the country a few days ago : "If we had continued to fight this(the Khadr lawsuit ) not only would we have inevitably lost, but estimates range from $30 million to $40 million that it would have ended up costing the government". This statement shocked me even more than the $10.5 million settlement itself.

Our society is too...

dearmrmiller-fullI just received the flyer you sent out and the survey question makes me angry because it is misleading. It asks "Do you think that the Canadian government should be compensating Omar Khadr with $10.5 million?" It panders to xenophobic fears of the ignorant, and to anti-muslim sentiment, while it ignores the facts. I am assuming that you are not as...

cornandcloudsIn reponse to a letter to the Editor and a reader's comment on it.

Patrick Jilesen made a good point - and Robert Hope implicitly gives him that as well.

IF a business mainly competes globally and with cheap imports, then the hike of labour costs has strong consequences for the industry.
Economic theory suggests two options:

1) Ensure that your products distinguish themselves in quality and other attributes, which allows charging a price premium, or

2) ...




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