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computer-1844996 640Dear Editor,

I'm writing to express my concern with the integrity of the online voting system in place for the upcoming City of Owen Sound municipal election. Now that electors are receiving their voter cards, a number of serious issues have arisen:

There are numerous reports of electors receiving voter cards for people who do not live in their household. These

green energyDear Editor,

I was so happy for Ontarians when I heard that the PCs were in the process of repealing the Green Energy Act and purportedly giving authority back to the Municipalities to disallow the easements, etc., for onerous renewable energy projects. Unfortunately, unless Bill 34 - Green Energy...

downtownThe Hub has recently published the comments of candidates for the Owen Sound council. Regarding revitalization of downtown, there was a striking lack of information regarding economic development studies done elsewhere in Ontario.

Recently, I received a trade newsletter through the mail...

protestMy response to "The one sided conversation is over"

The One Sided Conversation is Over NOT unfortunately.

We seem to be living in an era of righteous indignation where every political...


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