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books2Dear Editor,
At the September 22 Owen Sound and North Grey Union public Library (OSNGUPL) board meeting, a contract offer was presented to the Municipality of Meaford (MOM) library board. This offer of FULL library membership to ALL of MOMs residents, which include 4022 MOM/Thornbury cardholders, for a period of 2 years at an annual average cost of $125,250. was rejected by the Meaford board. This was and is a bad decision which...

librarycardDear Editor,
The following is a consolidation of comments and suggestions made to Meaford Council members and Meaford Library Board members as input to the dialogue regarding the future of library services in Meaford and Owen Sound, and specifically the library card holders of Sydenham who currently use OSNGUPL.

The first step towards improving relations is to change the mindset. Stop thinking of the Meaford Library and the Owen Sound Library as

ospl-featI'm sure I speak for most of my Sydenham neighbours in wanting only good things for our fellow citizens in the Town of Meaford, including having access to high quality library services like we have been enjoying since...

online-942410 960 720Dear Local Government Officials;

As a resident of Grey Highlands living on the NorthEast side of Lake Eugenia, it has become untenable to live here full time with a continued shortfall in good and affordable access to high speed internet services. My address here means that I am just over one hour away from the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Canada's largest municipal area. This means that....




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