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online-942410 960 720Dear Local Government Officials;

As a resident of Grey Highlands living on the NorthEast side of Lake Eugenia, it has become untenable to live here full time with a continued shortfall in good and affordable access to high speed internet services. My address here means that I am just over one hour away from the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Canada's largest municipal area. This means that....

typewriter-1462562129n95Dear Editor:

RE: "Conservative MP: Donald Trump does not have an 'anti-woman thing'", PRESSPROGRESS, November 17, 2016

MP Larry Miller has once again demonstrated how...

Maple Leaf.svgA Trump presidency presents a number of excellent opportunities for Canada to become a leader in the 21st century – in building understanding and tolerance, in strengthening global governance, in becoming the North American leader in green technology and renewable energy, in exporting thoughtful and fair media, and in building hope.

While we should welcome a modest number of the best of Americans who wish to move here, I propose we....

credit-cards13I recently discovered something that I think is worth sharing. Like many people, I purchase many items using my credit card. While I didn't ask for it, the card gives me "reward" points for every purchase. Occasionally I look at the number of points I have and wonder...




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