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citycouncillorsIf there was any doubt about whom Owen Sound Council represents, City Councillors left it at the door on July 17 by passing this resolution: "that the Council of the Corporation of the City of Owen Sound supports the Ontario Chamber of Commerce's request that an Economic Impact Analysis be done of the proposed [workplace] reforms prior to implementation."

The Ontario Chamber of Commerce opposes the Workplace Reforms being proposed by the Wynne Government in Bill 148 and they said as much in a letter to the Premier that was full of dis-information.

City Councillor Richard Thomas, on his way to voting for...

two-hands-silhouetteThis is a response to CBC Radio asking if it is possible for us to Celebrate Canada 150

Yes, we can celebrate. And also, that doesn't mean we need to be so immature as to believe it has to be a celebration. Evil events must be acknowledged and processed. But the evil only outstrips and undoes the good if we let it. It also means that perhaps, if we're willing to fight for our humanity, and for the good that once was and can be, that we

hands-981400 960 720Dear Editor,

Grey Highlands Councillor Stewart Halliday asked me for details about why I changed my opinion on the Grey County Long-term Care decision, now supporting the amalgamation of 166 LTC spaces in Durham and re-purposing Grey Gables for other seniors' residential services. This was my reply.


I respect your enthusiasm to fight for your constituency.

In the best of all possible worlds, I would agree with your position, but I refer again to the Grey County Long-term Care review.

As I understand it,...

Rockwood terraceDear Editor

I am a resident of Grey County with a keen interest in finding a sustainable solution to funding of long-term care in the County.

I am a community physiotherapist with decades of experience visiting clients in their...


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