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ElectricMeterI recently read in the media that 60.000 Ontario families have been cut off from electricity service because they cannot afford the ever rising cost. The added cost of the "green" energy initiatives is 9.2 billions, according to the Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk .

I want to add how little – close to nothing – are we getting from this huge investment.

While writing this note a day ago, on a hot , sunny summer day, I punched "IESO HOME" and found the

Grayer2We have heard a lot of anger and frustration over local schools being closed. I understand the lost history when a school closes, but they are operating at far from full capacity. Schools are closing in many towns across the province. It's been happening for years. Students in northern Ontario have lost their local schools and have to bus more than an hour to get to the new amalgamated school.

But is the amalgamation of half empty schools really the issue? Should we not be talking about how to...

SaubleBeachSign300dpiRecently I read an article in the Owen Sound Sun Times about how busy it is at Sauble Beach this year and how the businesses are making money hand over fist. Granted, it is busier than it has been in a few years, but this is the first real summer we have had in some time. An increase in sales is inevitable with hot weather, but you would be fooling yourself if you think that it comes anywhere close to what it was before paid parking was imposed. I began working at the Crowd Inn full time in 1975 and have been the owner since 1983 so I have some idea what I am talking about. The last extraordinary summer the Crowd Inn had....

saveoscviI was dismayed, if not surprised, by Mr. Boddy's comments in the Sun Times on Friday that he will not be discussing the closing of OSCVI with the Minister of Education when he has a chance to meet with her. Mr. Boddy has shown a complete lack of leadership on this issue from day one. The city's attempts to be part of the process have been too little too late, more for show than for substance.

OSCVI has been an institution of Owen Sound for coming up to 160 years. Mr. Boddy's lack of action on this file is a real disservice to the community of Owen Sound and surrounding areas. The city's stance has been




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