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Coyote in snowI am not someone known for outbursts or raw, unmitigated anger. Monday, January 16 was a rare exception. While walking with my dog in the woods on our farm near Hanover, I was startled by three gunshots very close by. Earlier I had heard hounds baying but gave them little thought, thinking that the sound was coming from a farm on the concession road behind us. But when I heard the gunshots, I immediately put two and two together. A coyote hunting party was on our property, I thought, and illegally. It happened once before several years ago.

I began running through the snow toward the area from where the shots had come, intent on intercepting the hunters. Before long I came across snowmobile tracks - the hunters had driven over a cedar split rail fence from a neighbouring property to

paisleyFinal Public Meeting for the Paisley and Chelsey            Accommodation Review - 7:00 pm on January 17, 2017 at Chesley District Community School

Our Accommodation Review Committee and the Support Paisley Central School Group have provided the BWDSB with many viable proposals throughout this Accommodation Review process. Our school has the unwavering support of our community members and businesses, and our volunteers have been working countless hours to ensure that our school and our children stay where they belong – in our community.
The Municipality of Arran-Elderslie has made a generous proposal to the Board to...

safensoundDear Community Members,

Safe 'n Sound Residence is interested in receiving applications from folks who would like to join our Board of Directors. Safe 'n Sound is a not for profit charitable community - based organization committed to ending Homelessness in Owen Sound-Grey-Bruce.

Our primary objective at Safe 'n Sound is to provide safe emergency shelter for ....

carnegiesignDear Editor
Citizens in Sydenham in the Municipality of Meaford will lose access to quality library services within the next thirty days if an agreement is not reached with the Owen Sound North Grey Union Public Library (OSNGUPL). I find it comical that the Municipality of Meaford continues to try and build the perception that the $500 non-resident fee now in place in OSNGUPL, stands as a key barrier to an agreement. In fact, that fee exists solely because of the actions of Meaford.
In 2014 as a result of the 'Review of Contracted Library Services' Meaford publicly admonished...


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