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typewriter-featureDear Editor,

Democracy has officially died in Canada.
According to a recent Toronto Star article, the Harper government has forbidden its MPs to talk to any media or take part in any all-candidates meetings. The senior party officials feel that that is not a good use of a candidate's time and that they should be knocking on doors to explain their "wonderful economic plan and tax breaks''.
I, for one, don't buy the reasoning. They are not allowed to talk to the media or attend debates because...

votebutton-regDear Editor,
I was relaxing with a cup of tea listening to CBC on a peaceful Sunday morning , when I was stopped short yet again by a news item. Now I am all riled up, but grateful to have an outlet. The story involved a man in a Maritime riding who was unable to cast an early vote because of insufficient ID. He was well known in the community, and to the electoral officer who was obliged to refuse to allow him to vote. The problem was he had no ID with a street address, and used a post box for mail. He finally produced a gas bill with an address and was able to vote. Imagine the students, the unemployed, the elderly, the "out of the loop" Canadians who will be discouraged, and likely give up their right to vote, particularly in rural areas. It seems to be just another example of ...

fat-young-bud-regAn open letter to Larry Miller:

Dear Mr. Miller,
Please help me understand something.

I've just read in the Sun Times (Sat. Sept. 5) that it is "clear to Scott Boyes, CEO of the Canadian Bioceutical Corp.", that the current Conservative Government "doesn't want anyone producing medicinal marijuana". They are now considering scaling back their plans.

Mr. Boyes has stated that the proposed plant would produce up to 100 full time jobs. An empty factory would be refitted and occupied. Their operation would add to our tax base, and best of all, make the medication more available to those who need it. In so many ways, this project would serve to boost our local economy.

Do you somehow believe

BWalker-headshot-regularBruce-Grey-Owen Sound MPP Bill Walker wrote the following letter to Minister of Education Liz Sandals with regard to the educational assistant cuts at Bluewater District School Board, and enclosed letters from parents of children affected by the cuts.


Hon. Liz Sandals

Minister of Education

22nd Floor, Mowat Block

900 Bay Street

Toronto, ON M7A 1L2

Dear Minister Sandals:

I'm writing today to again bring to your attention concerns from parents, students and community members with regard to the recently announced cuts to as many as 50 Educational Assistant positions in the Bluewater District School Board. You may recall that I brought this issue to your attention during Question Period at Queen's Park last May.

As you're aware, the Board's decision to ...




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