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dearmrmiller-featureThis is the text of a letter sent in late April by Peace and Justice Grey Bruce to MP Larry Miller.

No reply has as yet been received.


Dear Mr. Miller

Her name is Delores. Delores Brower. She was 5 foot-three with long brown hair - thirty-three years old the last time she was seen in May, 2004.
Her family has been waiting for 10 years and 11 months.
On April 19 Delores moved from the list of missing Aboriginal women to the very long list of the dead.

Is Delores the one? Is she the woman in whose memory you will ask the Prime Minister to open an inquiry into her missing and murdered sisters?

TRC-featureTo the Editor,

Last week, we all learned that for over 100 years, our religious and political leaders, with good intentions or otherwise, systematically starved, abused, and literally killed over 6,000 of our First Nations children. As though anything could be worse, they somehow decided that eradicating the culture, languages, and traditions of our First Peoples was perfectly acceptable, even laudable. After all, it would undoubtedly be better for them to become more like us!

Now that I've put down my tissues and dried my eyes, it is time to think about what actions can be taken.

First- the abject apologies, and the acceptance of deep, deep shame. But it must never stop there. It is only action that spells a real apology.

Second (and please take note members of the Bluewater Board of Education)

As Jutice Murray Sinclair has said in the Truth And Reconciliation Commission report, education is key. We need new school books- books that tell the real story, books geared to every age level, elementary through high school. The province needs to commission First Nations authors to write them.(MPP Bill Walker, please take note.)

typewriter-featureDear Editor

May 21st, 2015, here I was at Wiarton Hospital with acute asthma. After four days, as I am surfacing and on my way to recovery, eating solids, I am dismayed. This is not new to me, after all, I had been hospitalised back in 2011, same week end in May, same acute asthma, I had even spent the week before in Parry Sound hospital. However, that was when they used to cook the food in Ontario Regional Hospitals.
Is the stuff they serve patients health? Is this food? No cooking anymore, it is all standardized and mechanically prepared. For example, the "beef" stew I ingested, (ingested because I couldn't eat the tiny Tic Tac size meatball like pieces save for one or two) it couldn't even compare to canned stew it was so scary. To say nothing of the "chicken" piccata which consisted of one piece of chicken that could easily have fitted in a teaspoon and, wonders of wonders, it was tough. How can that be? There were minute pieces of peppers that couldn't even cover a fork, that amounted for vegetables. I couldn't ingest the pasta, the sauce was just gross. A very dismal experience. Then to top it all out, everything came prepackaged with added sugar (yogurts, puddings, Jell-O, custards).
How can you get well soon? On the other hand, my dad used to keep an uncomfortable bed so ...

TOM-show-featDear Editor:

Recently a letter was sent to you by Mr. and Mrs. Thomson that contained information that I would like to address as Chair of the Board of Management for the Tom Thomson Art Gallery.

In a recent interview with the Sun-Times, I clearly indicated that we will take another look at the current site for the Gallery. I also indicated that we may look at other sites which had not been identified. I did not say that we would undertake a complete re- think of our current plans. In fact I was clear that our goals had not changed. I was clear our timeline had not changed.




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