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I would like to say how ashamed I am of our city council that they refuse to fly the LBGTQ FLAG. We are supposed to be...

BeFunky CollageDear Editor

Often when we choose to speak indicates much more than whatever it is that we might say. Larry Miller's most recent editorial letter, which I read on the Hub on June 16 th , proves this.

Here, Miller expresses how "saddened" he is over the Pulse nightclub shootings in Orlando - an act which he says "demonstrated the height of intolerance". However, through the rest of his letter, Miller's words only compound the intolerance. Two major issues with Miller's response bear consideration.

While "Islam", "Muslim", and "terror" are used frequently, Miller seems unable - in his more than 500 word letter - to even do the dignity of naming the system of intolerance that targeted Pulse: homophobia. It is...

BeFunky CollageDear Editor,

We were all very saddened to hear of the brutal attack on a night club recently in Orlando, Florida. There has been an outpouring of support for the victims and their families and our thoughts and prayers are certainly with them at this time.

This shooting very clearly demonstrated the height of intolerance as the Pulse nightclub was targeted specifically by the shooter, Omar Mateen. Pure and simple this was an act based on intolerance but let us not forget that this attack was rooted in radical Islam. In one word: this was terrorism.

This is not a so-called "Islamaphobic" statement. There are many Muslims who practice their religion peacefully. But it is very unfortunate that too many people view peaceful Muslims in the same light as those...

bwwindturbinesWe Ontarians are experiencing another hydro rate increase beginning this May. The residential hydro cost has almost DOUBLED IN JUST 6 YEARS. In 2010, one kWh cost 9.3, 8 and 4.4 cents for high, medium and low cost time periods. Now it is 18, 13.2 and 8.7 cents. For 1000 kWh we are now paying $225 , in comparison with BC at $84 and Quebec at $67.

This totally unacceptable increase in hydro rates is proportional to the growth of­ by now proven as costly and useless ­wind energy projects during the same period of time. (Ontario green energy act was implemented in 2009.) Yet you still build and promote the wind power. You justify your decision by repeating the misleading propaganda of the wind turbines industry. You are ignoring the rational warnings from engineers and other


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