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- by Thorsten Arnold

Dear friends and fellow citizens,
Trump's recent plot to arm 20% of US teachers is inspiring me to publish a dystopian story. I truly fear that Trump's proposal for broad armament and training of teachers could be his first concrete step to turn the US into a military dictatorship, similar to the Hitler Jugend. Indeed, I fear that  20% is just the right amount to involve mainly right-wing white male gun supporters into this armament, giving it power to shape school psychology. I hope that my fear is not justified – then this is nothing but entertainment. But I also see lots of social media posts that treat this proposal as inconvenience for teachers, without seeing the full extent of its impacts.
If anyone wants to make this into a movie, please go ahead!

2018, February 14 – Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Seventeen people were killed and fourteen more were taken to hospitals. After a public outcry, the Tromb administration proposed arming 20% of all US teachers, and the Minister for Homeland Security was charged with drafting the "General School Safety Act" that institutionalizes an armed teacher force.
2018, May 31 – Another deadly school shooting in Houston, Texas, killed 23 high school students, including several members of the football team. Another political outcry.
2018, June 15 – In the political chaos that followed the Houston shooting, Congress and Senate agree that something must happen immediately. For lack of another option, they pass the "General School Safety Act".
2018, June 30 – Shortly after passing the General School Safety Act, the US government signs a contract with Utah-based Viston Inc., a company that owns the manufacturer Savage Arms. The contract covers weapons and gun-safe uniforms for 700,000 teachers, plus a training program that would educate the teachers across the US. The total value of the contract is $9 billion over two years. Viston's stock value triple within 3 days, making it one of the most profitable investments of the 21st century.
2018, August 1st – Across schools in the US, teachers are requested to volunteer for carrying a weapon. Savage Arms recommends the criteria for optimal volunteers: physical strength and past experience in handling larger weapons.
2018, December 31st – Volunteers were prioritized according to the criteria. 97% happen to be male, mostly white. The most prevalent jobs and interests are sports coaches and trades-related teachers (welding, Young Farmers for America) as well as mathematics and physics teachers. Training immediately begins and the "General School Safety Act" is rolled out.
2019, December 31st – At the end of 2018, 475,000 teachers were trained and are armed.
2020, April 5th – Another school shooting occurs in New York City. The assassin, a gay black high school student with drug-related problems, used explosives to first kill the teachers. Then, he continued to shoot 16 students before he was stopped by a nearby police officer.
2020, April 15th – The "General School Safety Act" was criticized as not sufficiently effective. Tromb proposes to train the most athletic students. Amendments are passed by both Senate and Congress with minimum of discussion.
2020, May 1st – An additional contract valued at $20 billion is signed between the US Government and Viston and . This contract lists equipment and training for 4 Million school students. The company Halliburger is contracted for $40 billion to install security upgrades to all schools including isolation cells, cameras and microphones, and doors that can be centrally closed. As part of this contract, Halliburger also places a picture of his highness, President Tromb, into every room.
From this day on, football coaches train Home Security Youth(HY). Mostly recruited from football teams, high school students are turned into armed squads. As part of football training, football players also train in Jui Jutsu and get trained in a range of weaponry. This course includes treasure hunts, rescue games, and regular MMA (mixed martial arts) competitions. The popularity of several new sports quickly rises to match baseball. At each school, ten winners of the competition under supervision of the coach form the Security Squad (SS). To deter potential trouble makers, the SS is now charged with patrolling schools at all times, carrying visible weapons. SS members receive additional training by a central government force.
2021, July 23th – New research is published in the American Journal for Homeland Security. After extensive DNA profiling, the IT links the New York City shooter with a genetic defect, which links mental health to being black and gay. This research was reviewed exclusively by Homeland Security staff and data was not accessible to independent researchers.
2021, September 1st – Based on this research, black students and teachers are not allowed to participate in Home Security Youth or the Security Squad. A short outcry was quickly silenced by the SS.
2021, Nov 1st – Facebook's owners decide to prohibit the strong and racially charged language that has taken over social media.
2021, Nov 10 – Mark Zuckerberg gets assassinated. According to official news outlets, the assassin was linked to a pro-islamist group with ties to North Korea.
2021, Dec 1st – After transitional errors of Facebook Inc., the government opts to nationalize the company and seizes all its data.
2022, Jan 20th – In the face of tighter government control, Google plans to move its headquarter to a Caribbean special-forcesIsland. The government plans an intervention because this move is considered "non-American".
2022, September 1st – California declares its independence from the United States, as its citizens cannot support the tone taken from Washington and an increasing number of states.
2022, October 23 – Another mass shooting in Texas was executed by a young man that the CIA links to North Korea. Independent sources could not confirm this. The shooting was interpreted as an act of war against the United States of America.
In order to re-instate national unity in an immanent war, Washington invades California and nationalizes all software companies that the government deems a "national security concern" due to cloud computing power and data on individuals. This includes Amazon and Microsoft, Google and Yahoo, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. After a strong campaign calling upon the American public's sense of nationality and safety, there is no major resistance.
2022, Dec 15 – The US starts the bombardment of North Korea from its massive aircraft carrier fleet in the South Chinese sea.
2023, Jan 15 – China declares that the bombardment of North Korea triggers a case of collective defense, and launches a missle attack on American war ships in front of its coast. The UN Security Council is hamstrung because major veto powers cannot agree on anything.
2023, Jan 31 – Before a nuclear war starts and kills every life on earth, enter SUPERMAN who saves Mark Zuckerberg's wife, falls in love, and restores peace on Earth. Happy end.



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