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loservilleI saw the OSCVI musical Loserville tonight. It was fantastic to see all that skill, talent and energy of the students bursting from the stage. It was also heart breaking that it might be the last of hundreds of OSCVI productions from the past great legacy of theatre at the school.

As a Visual Art teacher at OSCVI for 25 years, I, along with my students painted 25 sets for those yearly productions. What a fantastic experience for all involved. There is nothing more memorable for the high school experience. As far as I know no trustees or Bluewater administration showed up for opening night. I wonder why?

It's been well documented that music, drama, visual arts and dance greatly enhance a student's...

westhillsignWhy change the name at all?

We received this flash alert from the OSCVI site the other day and I thought I would share my opinion on it. As a supporter of the OSCVI save our school group which currently has a petition to review in process, I find the whole concept a little ...

Larry-Miller-TwitterOur MP Larry Miller recently posted a "Lesson in Irony" in which a comparison is made between distributing food to 46 million Americans in the United States while at the same time discouraging citizens from feeding animals in their national parks for fear that the animals would become dependent on humans feeding them. The post connects these statements by saying that there is something to learn here but it doesn't say what. MP Miller comments that

calculatorThe only reasoning given to many of us for the closure of OSCVI as a high school is one small chart showing the operating profit next year and the percentage utilization rate. We are then told it is what the community wants. And all in the name of better programming, because that's all that matters. I don't believe either of these arguments holds merit for the ...

New BoardI recently had the opportunity to tour a high school in another part of the board that I first visited about fourteen years ago. At that time, it had a number of portable classrooms and was brimming with student vitality. What a contrast to now. The portables are long gone and I was told there were twenty empty classrooms in the school. Gone are the instrumental music and dance programmes which had been so active. The student population is insufficient to be able to support these and other options that were once taken for granted.

This same scene is playing out, not only across Bluewater, but in most of the province. School boards everywhere are closing and amalgamating schools to cope with the inescapable fact that there are far


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