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landscapeDear Editor:

On the topic of development and protection of natural and wild spaces:

Human activity has wiped out two-thirds of world's wildlife since 1970.


Habitat destruction could mean more pandemics.

Scientists also warned that the further destruction of the planet would spell disaster for humans.

"This report reminds us that we destroy the planet at our peril -- because it is our home. As humanity's footprint expands into once-wild places, we're devastating species populations. But we're also exacerbating climate change and increasing the risk of zoonotic diseases like Covid-19," WWF-US President and CEO Carter Roberts said in a statement.

We need less development. There has to be something more meaningful than money. Change starts on a small scale. Can we be leaders in new, humane and progressive approaches and not be followers of old, harmful ways? For all our sakes?

Save our parks, conservation areas, water sources. Please stop looking for the quick buck through development. Stop building for cars - it is a dying way of travel and living anyway. Research cutting-edge, progressive new ways to build community and municipal wealth. There are experts on these topics everywhere willing and able to guide municipalities and governments. Consider that "wealth" is not just about money.

Thank you for your consideration of my concerns.

Micheline N Mann
Owen Sound


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