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I am writing to you today about a topic that has been in our local newspapers recently – bullying. This is my first letter to an editor. This letter is not meant to be a political commentary but a personal observation.

Bullying is wrong. We all know that. We can all agree, it’s damaging, mean, cruel, unkind, thoughtless, and its effects are felt long after the words or actions are inflicted. To be bullied is to spend time feeling miserable, confused, angry, guilty, sad, nervous and utterly wretched. It’s horrible and it needs to stop.

It goes without saying that if you need to insult someone’s mother, home, dress style, body type, manner of speaking, political/sexual orientation either in person or behind the anonymity of an on line post you are clearly someone who doesn’t have a decent argument or mature thought, and we all need to tell you to stop.

Why do bullies bully? Perhaps they are unhappy, were bullied themselves, are disappointed with life, and are jealous…..that’s too bad… really it is… but it’s still wrong and we all need to tell you to stop.

Bullying gains a foothold and slithers into everyday life when good people stand by and do nothing. It’s uncomfortable to confront a bully (what if they re-direct their venom at you?) Far easier to blame the victim. Offering, “Don’t be so sensitive”, “that’s just them being them” “let it go… it’s just a joke” No… no…no…it’s wrong and we all need to tell you to stop.

To be bullied is to suffer needlessly. Don’t we all want to stop needless suffering?
Bullying can lead to job loss, loss of confidence, loss of joy, loss of direction, loss of friends (who can you trust?) It’s wrong and we all need to tell you to stop.

Our homes, our schools, our workplaces, our streets, our libraries, our churches, our council chambers should be safe places. Where we can have positive discourse, where we can pursue our beliefs and passions, where we can celebrate our differences without ridicule, where we can live our very best lives. That’s a start.

Thank you
Cindy Coe




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