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Maginot Line 1

Hello Mr. Walker and Mr. Ford

Protect our residents in long term care. This provincial government has failed the residents, workers and families of folks in long term care.

I have experience as a physiotherapist in LTC for 30 years, as the son of a resident, and as a nephew of my aunt who has not been outside the building since before the Covid crisis and has been confined to her room for about 2 months because Covid is in her residence.

The Toronto Star of Jan 9, 2021 outlines urgent actions to be taken . I have the same ideas. Rapid tests, rapid vaccinations, mandatory and thorough inspections, rapid response teams of infection control experts, and a rethink of senior care.

The premier promised "an iron ring " around LTC residences. Instead, we have a Maginot Line that the Covid virus has skipped around.

Ted Stewart, PT, Owen Sound



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