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Dear Premier and Cabinet Members:

I’m writing this letter to see if there can be a resolution to a situation that has taken place with Landlord, Tenant Board. Can anyone help us with this issue noted below?

We have gone through the board to try to evict our tenant from our home. We have not received rent since March 2020. We have applied to the Board and done all the proper procedures to have our tenant evicted from our home. Because of COVID it has been a very slow process and not resolved yet. We have filed forms for N4 (L1), N7, N12 (L2) with the board, paid to have our hearings dealt with on these issues. We have sold our primary home due to not being able to keep two homes going.

The problem is we will be come homeless on February 18, 2021. We are stressed out as we have no place to live as our tenant is still in our home in Grey County.

We had our tribunal date on December 1, 2020  and we were told that day, they would review our case, send out a court order to our tenants, an eviction notice or to pay the outstanding rent. It is not about the money  (we would like to get compensated) but to be homeless is a large and stressful situation due to the fact that the government is not looking after matter of the little people that are working and being responsible for their bills.

We need to resolve this in order to get on with our lives. We have been told due to COVID we are back log and we understand that, now the excuse is Christmas and New Years holiday that the process has not been completed. It has been 41 days since our hearing, we understand they have 30 days to make their decision and send a court order to evict tenants.  So, someone has dropped the case and is not doing their job.

We ask you gentlemen on February 18, 2021 where are we to go, where are we to put our belongings without costing us a fortune for storage, and to rent a place. This should not take so long to resolve the issue. We are almost a year now without rent or a resolution and no help from anyone in the government.

We have followed the process, file the forms, waited for our hearing and the process is not being follow up due to COVID and Christmas holidays. Put your selves in our shoes, tell us it is not frustration or stressful. We have a tenant that is destroying our house, refusing to pay rent, growing marijuana and is a squatter and laughing at us as they get to live free. We have had the police, fire marshaller, by-law officer involved and no one can do anything as it is COVID time.

We are asking for help; we are at our wits end with what can we do. We have followed all the guide lines, filled out the forms, had a hearing and no resolution. Can anyone help us.

Yours Truly,

Mike and Tracey Willette



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