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treesDear Editor,

We are at a crossroads when it comes to protecting ourselves and the futures of our children and grandchildren. The science is settled on Climate Change, but the kind of urgent collective action needed is not yet accelerating fast enough.

We are optimistic that local action will gear up, given how many active environmental groups there are in Owen Sound and surrounds, and how many experts we can proudly claim as residents.

One of the easier steps that can be taken collectively, is the protection of the tree canopy we have and the planting of more trees to expand tree cover and cool hard surfaces - especially in school yards and on the acres of concrete we have allowed to take over the entrances to our city.

To access more provincial, federal and private sector grants for tree planting, and to signal Owen Sound’s intentions for the future, the signatories to this letter are hoping the city will apply for Tree City of the World status. In this, we would join five other Ontario cities who have already achieved this status.

We encourage residents of Owen Sound and surrounds to learn about this Tree City of the World opportunity, and talk to city councillors about pursuing it.


Lloyd Lewis
Peter Middleton
Gord Edwards
Shawna Macivor


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