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wetlands I have been inspired to write this letter by the actions of dedicated students and residents of Pickering, Ontario. As most people know, the significant Duffins Creek wetland in that town is threatened by a development that would pave it over to put up a warehouse. The Duffins Creek wetland is a treasured part of the green space in Pickering for many residents, who find stress relief and relaxation in its beauty and wildlife. It is also a crucial piece of natural infrastructure that helps to reduce flooding in the subdivisions across the highway that were built on a floodplain years ago.

In this letter, Mr. Walker, I wish to remind you that Grey County has many wetlands which provide critical infrastructure services to its residents. A key service in this county is the retention of rainwater, which is then filtered and slowly released into the groundwater system, providing a large proportion of the population with excellent quality well-water. Without the services that these wetlands, and nearby woodlands provide, rainwater would quickly run off into streams and rivers, flooding would increase, and ground-water levels would drop. Grey County residents would find it harder to obtain well water, and that which they did find would be of poorer quality.

Mr. Walker, I hope that you will keep these considerations in mind, and work to protect the vital wetlands and woodlands in Grey County, rather than allow them to be filled in and developed. Our Conservation Authorities have the knowledge to help with this effort. I urge you to share this information with your fellow MPPs and encourage them to revoke Schedule 6 of Bill 229; give the CAs back the ability to help protect our life-giving wetlands.

Nikki May


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