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Regarding vaccine eligibility and reality in Grey Bruce.

This, from the Ontario site: "Who is Eligible in Phase Two?
"Health conditions
Individuals with the health conditions listed below will be vaccinated in order of risk, with the highest-risk individuals being vaccinated first, followed by high-risk and at-risk individuals. Patients with these specific health conditions are at increased risk of serious illness and death regardless of age.
Highest-risk (442,000 people):
Organ transplant recipients ..."

So my husband has a liver transplant and is taking immune suppressing medications and therefore he should be in a priority list. Phase 2 includes everyone over 60 regardless of their health.

We have asked his personal doctor - apparently he has and will have nothing to do with vaccines.

We have called our MP's office to be told that the statement from the Ontario web site isn't there.

We have called the transplant team in London to be told that vaccines will be available in April.

So for Ontario's claim that highest risk people in Phase 2 will have priority is either true or a bunch of nonsense.
Anybody out there in the same situation? Anybody know what to do about it? I would like my husband to be at the top of the list and get his vaccine right away rather than sometime in May.

Katherine Mann Jensen, Owen Sound



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