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Our spreaders now are the younger working population and they are also now the ones dying. They work in factories, hospitals, schools, distribution centres etcetera. The virus is now more virulent to the younger people and they think they will be okay because so far they have been. The new more virulent viruses are thriving in this population.

We really need to give folks a week's notice and then close down everything but the health essential service for at least 3 weeks and during that time concentrate on giving all these people their covid immunization to undercut the virus, and then have everyone returning to work have to agree to follow protocols or be laid off until the pandemic is over.

Yes this seems ruthless but until this is done we are going to be losing teachers, factory workers, distributers, food supply etc etc then were will we be. Sacrifice now is only way to get control (yes I said control) of this killer.

So far the government and health ministers are giving us a chance to manage this and we are failing because of the antimaskers and those who feel covid won't get them. It is time to get really tough.

Doug Ford wants to be popular with his people so he is trying to be fair.  A real leader would lead and listen to the Doctors that are telling him what is going on and that the longer he waits the more will die.

If you know Doug Ford, please pass this message along to him as soon as possible.

Kiff Harvey, Owen Sound



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