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From the council agenda - Municipality of West Grey, April 20, 2021

To: Mayor Christine Robinson and West Grey Municipal Council
Cc: Chair Sue Patterson and Board of Grey Bruce Health
Councillor Tamming (City of Owen Sound), Councillor Moore Coburn (Georgian Bluffs),
Councillors Kanmacher and Grieg (Aaron [sic]Elderslie)
From: Elizabeth Murray
Resident, Ayton
Date: Tuesday 06 April 2020

Subject: Compensation and Management at Grey Bruce Health

This letter is a request that West Grey Council support Councillors Tamming (City of Owen Sound), Moore Coburn (Georgian Bluffs), Kanmacher and Grieg (Aaron Elderslie) in both the essence and specifics of their 29 March letter in The Owen Sound Hub, regarding 2020 compensation to Dr. Arra and management practices at Grey Bruce Health.

For the year 2020 Dr Arra’s compensation was reported at $631,512.00. Dr. Arra was the highest paid public health officer in the Province of Ontario yet the Grey Bruce Health Unit serves one of the smallest populations and the combined Counties has one of the smallest tax bases in the Province.

The four authors of the 29 March letter are asking for transparency from Dr. Arra and Grey Bruce Health Board members in response to serious and important questions. They also seek an independent review to assess management practices and procedures at Grey Bruce Health over the past couple of years.

As a resident of West Grey, I ask that you publicly join them in asking Dr. Arra and the Grey Bruce Board of Health for fulsome and transparent responses to the Councillors’ questions and for an independent review of Board and Management practices. Our frontline health care providers deserve nothing less nor do the residents of Grey and Bruce Counties.

Thank you for your consideration.

image source: screen capture, virtual West Grey council meeting




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