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Meetings are taking place at the Georgian Bluffs Township regarding the use of the rail trails.

For all walkers, hikers, bikers, joggers, runners, and horseback riders,  if there are any issues from this group of citizens on the rail trail system from Owen Sound to Ben Allen to Shallow Lake regarding ATV'S or any motorized play toys in the summer please participate in the consultation or email [email protected] and have your voice heard.

I would include snowmobiles also but am willing to share the seasons between us as there is not as many people out in the winter.

Our issues regarding ATV'S are the safety of us citizens - we need a safe and level walking area, the impact on our health from inhaling all the dust and fumes, the mental health of the noise and the polluting of the air from the fumes. There is destruction on the softer parts of the trail from the weight of these machines making ruts.

There is not much time to get in your issues as I believe Sept 10 is the day the 2021 multi-use trail survey will close but your comments may hold some validation. Thank you for your time.

Ron & Judy Hilsden



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