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Re: Petition Presentation At Meaford Council 

While I fully support your right to oppose this development, and by opposing making sure that if it proceeds, it will be built with the latest environmental and safety sciences, I must point out that I have lived the first 22 years of my life almost next door to a similar pumped project, that has been in constant operation for a century, except for a period during WWII when the Moehne Dam was destroyed by the British Dam Busters, with no detrimental effects on the local environment that I know of.

The irony is overwhelming that there was no Save Darlington Park , before the Pickering nuclear plant was built, no Save Lake Huron, when the Bruce nuclear plant was being constructed.... with both of these plants having a PERMANENTLY negative footprint many times over the Georgian Bay pumped storage facility.

It is also interesting that nobody seems to notice or care about the impact the multitude of gravel pits all over Grey County have on our ground water levels, wear and tear on our road system, impact on the quality of life for surrounding residents , not to mention the permanent destruction of scenic beauty.

I firmly believe that IF this project is built, the impact on the environment and fish habitat will be almost nil, and I venture to say that the completed project , as planned , will only be noticeable by signs advertising it.

Any construction involves temporary disruption and inconvenience of nearby residences. Once built it will be almost invisible.

It will, however provide an environmentally safe cushion to level out the demand periods of electricity in a more renewable system of electricity generation.

I will not be able to attend your Presentation to Meaford Council, because I have not been vaccinated.


Karl Braeker


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