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Several years ago, I sold my home to a new couple to Owen Sound. Approximately two years later, that couple sold the home to another party. I have not had any kind of financial interest in the home for some years now. I have, of course, retained friendships in my old neighbourhood, which is only good and natural.

I consider my former haunts to be a special place, as I suspect most former residents would think fondly upon their homes. I am entitled to maintain a strong interest in keeping such a neighborhood strong and resident friendly. Indeed, as a city councillor, I am so obliged. Presumably residents want councillors who care deeply about the very places where they raise kids and live their lives.

To suggest that such bonds of affection comprise conflicts of interest is, frankly, non-sensical.

The current owner of my old house has trumpeted on-line its pool, sauna and hot tub and its capacity for 16 guests and for functions of up to 25 people - for a cool two thousand a night. I consider the insertion of such commercial establishments in the heart of any neighborhood to be inimical to the very idea of communal life. Others may disagree and have every right to promote their opinions through our democratic process.

If this was proposed for Malibu Heights, the Harrison Park area, or any other single dwelling residential area , I would have precisely the same opinion.



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