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Dear Editor

RE Rick Winter Running for Georgian Bluffs Council

At the Georgian Bluffs All Candidates Meeting at the Kemble United Church on September 27th, Rick Winters acknowledged that he was terminated from his position as CAO of Georgian Bluffs in February 2020.

He said it was related to a “difference of opinion”. There has been a great deal of wondering and rumours about this situation.
The Sun Times reported that Georgian Bluffs Council had an in camera meeting on November 22nd, 2019 with Glenn Christie of Hicks Morley, a labour and employment law firm out of Toronto, also in attendance. Subsequent to this meeting Winters was placed on paid leave. Following another in camera meeting on February 5th, 2020, the Sun Times reported that Rick Winters was no longer employed by Georgian Bluffs. No further information was released.

We now know he was terminated.

The wondering continues, what will it be like to have the man who was fired at the table with some returning Council members who were involved in his firing?
What will it be like for remaining staff who had Rick Winters as their boss coming back in a position of authority as a Councillor?

After a very unstable term with many changes, Georgian Bluffs needs some stability so the important work of the municipality can be the focus. What isn’t needed is a new Council beginning their term burdened by tension.

Ann Schneider, Georgian Bluffs



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