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Dear Editor:

I keep thinking – it's not enough.

The community response to fundraising and the gatherings at city hall have been undeniably wonderful , but what more can a community do?

My thought is that to honour Sharif, something should be about food and learning about how he and his family and others have come from far corners of the world to live here among us. Sharif told me that the food he served in his restaurant was not authentically Indian, but adapted by him to please our North American palate.

In order for us to also adapt to those who choose the difficult road of living among us, we need to learn their stories, the journeys that bring them here, the challenges our culture presents.

I'm thinking of a community food sharing event, of story telling by those who choose to share – of participation by all newcomers, but now, especially, those of East Asian background. We have many such students at Georgian College who could be involved. How do they feel about Owen Sound?

Hearing would be learning. Learning would honour Sharif and his family.

I'm not an organizer – by ability or energy or inclination, but so wish we could do more.

Jean Koroway, Annan

(photo from Curry House)




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