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On June 9th 2014, Todd White, Executive Director of Canadian Radio-communications and Notification Service (CRINS) made apresentation to the councillors in the Municipality of Meaford. In his presentation, Todd mentioned an option to the current 90 ft. cell tower proposal for Meaford's waterfront.

This option would be to place low-powered radio repeaters on street lights in Meaford's downtown. These would be channelled to connect to fibre optic cables already in place.

The drawback of this option is the financial cost to Rogers, since the fibre-optics are some distance from the downtown area. Perhaps Rogers and Bell could share the costs and
benefits of putting up and connecting the repeaters. This would lessen the impact on Rogers.

If these two companies could do that, residents of Meaford would be exposed to substantially less microwave radiation. Is this too much to ask when people across Canada are reporting illnesses from wireless radiation exposure, and the World Health Organization has placed it alongside lead and car exhaust on their list of possible carcinogens (May 2011)?

So I say to Rogers and Bell, Meaford deserves the same consideration as a town the size of Collingwood. Please find a way to use the low-powered repeaters and fibre-optic broadband rather than a 90 ft. cell tower.

Katharine Auslander


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