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Dear Editor,
I am writing this letter in praise of a local food producer, the Miner family of Kemble. They are easily found at the Owen Sound Farmers' Market on Saturdays with their gorgeous bottles of maple syrup, inside, surrounded by the the seductive aroma of freshly baked breads. A few years ago as a newcomer I purchased their granulated maple sugar, Hot Maple Curry and used it on everything, vegetables, soups, meats but let me share my favourite:
Slather butter on naan bread (available across the aisle at the Market)
Sprinkle maple curry sugar generously
Bake in oven until warm and tempting, or slightly crispy, depending on your preference
Serve with any curried dish , or rice alone for a fabulous meal.

Abby Miner told me she didn't make this product anymore as there was little demand. I expressed my disappointment
A friend and I met Abby again in the basement of the Harmony Centre during the Christmas Sale. I bought maple syrup for my family, and repeated my regret at the discontinued flavored maple sugar granules. I described my recipe to my friend and she said, "I never knew what to do with that stuff, so I never got it." I described my naan maple curry bread, and she was drooling.
I ramped up my polite Canadian disappointment to a full out pout/ sulk/ whine. Abby said, "Maybe for Christmas."
Today, when I went to the Market to stock up on maple syrup, Abby pointed out the lovely flavored maple sugar containers, and beamed at me. I bought all she had.
Here I go again, now that is Owen Sound and why I love this place.
PS don't overlook the very delicious maple butter, on toast , with tea , you don't get much closer to perfection.
Denise Freeman

Owen Sound


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