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A message to BWDSB trustees, staff, media, city councillors, our MP and MPP:

We are people who live in this wonderful place called Owen Sound Ontario. It is a privilege to live here and like the ancient Anishnabe and present day First Nations people, we continue to choose to be caretakers of this land and our spirits. We are not all the same, and we must honour that, just as we honour our past and our future with vision and concern.

Difficult decisions require courage - we honour and support your courage. Difficult decisions require heart -we honour and support your heart.

The results of your decision to close or keep open two Owen Sound high schools will have immediate and far reaching consequences - we honour and support the time and effort which has gone in to making and taking action on your decision next Tuesday, April 19th.

I'm asking you to vote for more time to consider the consequences of deciding to immediately amalgamate our public high schools. Please honour us with more time to work together, create a vision which will preserve the history of both WH and the OSCVI. Please do not send the message that money is more important than our past, present and future. Thank you to Marg Gaviller for having the courage to speak so very eloquently on an extremely complicated matter. I support your strength and vision for our city.

You have a document which staff have provided - I honour that staff - they feel they've done their best. This time I vote in favour of more time to listen to the people. Hear our voices. Give us time.
You are our brothers, you are our sisters, and we're yours.


Fiona McConachie-Anderson
Resident of Owen Sound


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