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I was dismayed, if not surprised, by Mr. Boddy's comments in the Sun Times on Friday that he will not be discussing the closing of OSCVI with the Minister of Education when he has a chance to meet with her. Mr. Boddy has shown a complete lack of leadership on this issue from day one. The city's attempts to be part of the process have been too little too late, more for show than for substance.

OSCVI has been an institution of Owen Sound for coming up to 160 years. Mr. Boddy's lack of action on this file is a real disservice to the community of Owen Sound and surrounding areas. The city's stance has beenthat the BWDSB wouldn't meet with them, that the process was too fast. Aren't these concerns something you would bring up with the Minister of Education? Closing OSCVI may be a "done deal" but the processes that brought us to this place are still there. Mr. Boddy, are you happy with how your city was treated during the Accommodation Review Process? Your lack of voice on the matter suggests you are.

There are many people in Owen Sound upset to be losing this institution. You are supposed to represent them and their concerns. The article did not state the issues you would be discussing, the ones taking priority over the situation in Owen Sound today. One is left feeling this meeting isn't an opportunity to discuss issues of importance to the city, but an opportunity to glad-hand and pat yourselves on the back. Mr. Boddy, are you going to this meeting to represent yourself? Or to represent the concerns of your constituents? If the latter is true, please let us know what issues you will be representing. For many of us who have fought against this decision and the process that brought us here, your "leadership" has been a complete slap in the face.

Diane Ferguson





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