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A reply to Mr Miller "CO harasses family fishing" in Sun Times, Aug. 23)

I am in full agreement with Mr Miller, MP, who exposed the ridiculous harassment of a law abiding family by the (Ministry of Natural Resources) MNR's Conservation Officer. I do not think this was a mistake, it is a rather "normal" behavior of too many MNR officers.
Five years ago, MNR found me , a former national and world kayak and canoe champion, "kayaking not safely" on a perfect calm day, with 2 inches waves and nobody around. I was not even fishing. Nobody has treated me like MNR during my 30 years long international paddling career. I believe they displayed a lack of common sense through the whole ordeal from a totally unnecessary harassment of a competent and law abiding paddler, to arrest, to a trial instead of just issuing a ticket. I am proud that I resisted (not physically) this behavior unworthy of any public servant.

The MNR tried to prevent the Niagara Falls rope crossing by asserting that Mr Wallenda would disturb a bird nest 200 m away!!

This all points into one direction:MNR is resorting to harassment and is inventing problems to show off their authority.
No good for Owen Sound tourism!


Maks Zupan
Owen Sound




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