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Dear Mr. Mayor and Members of Council:

I am writing this letter in opposition to the recent decision to allow Sunday gun hunting in the Municipality of West Grey.

Although not a hunter myself, I am not averse to hunting and do have a firearms permit. I have two sons who hunt and I allow selected residents of West Grey to use my property for the purposes of hunting.

As some of you may know, my property abuts a Grey County Forest. There are always some hunters on that property during the hunting seasons [not just deer]. On more than one occasion they have come onto our property and shot–this was discussed with them when practical and safe.


Sunday is usually the day of the week when I can invite family and friends for visits so they can walk my property with some sense of safety and security. If Sunday hunting is allowed, I will have no right to enjoy my own property on at least one day of the week. I should be allowed this right!

The back of my property also abuts Lafarge property. Lafarge, who owns a number of properties in West Grey, has a clause in all of their leases which states (in bold and underlined) "More specifically the Lessor forbids any form of game hunting on the property, the discharge of firearms by anyone, including the Lessee, family and/or friends, and to notify the Lessor if anyone is on the property for the purpose of game hunting or the discharge of firearms of any kind."

There should be at least one past police report pertaining to a complaint regarding excessive shooting on property owned by Lafarge on a Sunday.

Sunday hunting will bring little or no economic gains to West Grey as, amongst other things, there are virtually no places open.

Hunters have six days of the week to enjoy what they enjoy doing, leave the Sabbath for others to enjoy what they enjoy doing .... going for walks, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, spending peaceful time with family and friends.

More consideration and discussion is being given to whether West Grey should become a partner in the Butter Tarts and Buggie initiative than to this very important decision. Why send the Butter Tarts and Buggie initiative item off for further discussion, but pass a motion pertaining to Sunday hunting with timing that by design, faulty process or both did not allow for full ratepayer discussion or disclosure until after the fact.

Please defer/table the final decision on this issue to allow further ratepayer input.

Respectfully submitted,

Dick O'Brien




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