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Is this what the city expects me to walk to school in?

Every year is the same thing. I’ve dealt with the side walks never being plowed for the past 14 years of walking to school.

It’s gotten far too ridiculous. I am sick and tired of the city not paying attention to what the walking students have to deal with on a daily basis in the winter.

The only thing I want is a safe way to get to school for me and my younger siblings.

The side walks are never plowed. Owen Sound is not a very big city and most of the time kids can walk to school. This is my 14th year of school and I have walked every year, as I’ve been too close to be placed on a bus. It would normally be around a 15 minute walk, but in the winter with the side walks not being plowed and my little brother and I trying to get around the snow that is sometimes piled over our feet while, at the same time trying not to get in the way of the oncoming traffic has made what should be a quick trip to school a nightmare. I have always dreaded walking and have been angry and upset with the conditions I’ve had to face.
One of the biggest issues as shown in the pictures below is that even out front of our school the side walks were not plowed. Not having the sidewalks outside of a school plowed is a safety hazard for anyone not only walking students.
This city does the bare minimum, but expects me to still be able to get to school.

Iszabel Roszell-Hayman, Owen Sound





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