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Dear Editor:

I am embarrassed! The city council members I helped elect actually refused to answer a legitimate question during question period at last Monday's meeting. The question only required a yes/no answer, but the Mayor dismissed the question and the woman asking the question by saying that she had not informed the council ahead of time and they needed time to consider their answer. Really! ...for a yes/no answer of fact?

Who cares? I do! The question was to have been "Have you seen the film Resilience? Climate change is a rather serious problem...not a topic to be dismissed.

It is time for Owen Sound to get on board to try to mitigate the damage we continue to lay on our wonderful, giving planet.

The whole scenario made it obvious that the response to this question was decided upon before the council meeting. I thought (and still do) that question period is the mandated opportunity
for the council to understand what what their constituents find important. Am I wrong?

It is unconscionable that we have no meaningful planning in the works.

We need to get started.

Jay Leigh, Owen Sound




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