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mmiwDear Editor

Sometimes written words are louder then boisterous yelling and megaphones.

I took my #mmiw sign; that a wonderful friend helped me make, down to Mudtown Station yesterday. I wanted to show our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, that our lost sisters have a voice over here in Owen Sound, Ontario. And, maybe if given the chance, I'd have asked him about the systemic racism that still exists for indigenous peoples in our country.

I'm slightly upset that the media @ctvbarrie grouped me with the other foul mouthed "protestors" that were there making a scene.

Sure some of us don't like Prime Minister Trudeau or the things he's done, but he's still a human being. Yelling profanities and insulting him on a personal level does absolutely nothing to help anyone's cause. I'm ashamed of how our little town looked yesterday...

Let's be solution oriented.
Let's Stop the Hate.

Raymond King




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