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heritage grove
Dear editor,

I shake my head every time I drive by the Heritage Grove shopping area on the east side of Owen Sound along highway 26/16th St. E. There is absolutely no evidence of a grove now. The construction site in front of Value Village/Princess Auto has been stripped bare for future development. Does anyone else remember the grove of trees, including some much-discussed and valued Butternut trees that were snuggled in amongst the other mature trees there? The city has “Environment” listed as #2 in their strategic plan. Maybe trees are no longer part of the environment? Oh right, and it doesn’t say “healthy or sustainable environment.” To me, entering the east side of Owen Sound appears to look just like many other cities these days – a village of box stores and paved parking lots.

 Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people." ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

I wish our city leaders, planners and developers had the same priorities as Roosevelt did.

Donna Mitchell




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