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Dear Editor

The following is a game you can play with your family and an open letter to the politicians of this country.

At the start of the month please remember, write down or record on an app any money you pay out in a day (but don’t use this as an excuse to go out and buy an app unless you really need it.)
That night record it in a budget recording book or leave it on the app.
Then forget about it.

At the end of the month look back and see how much you wasted that month.
Next month don’t spend what you wasted that month.
Put half of what you saved in your pocket or bank. Give the other half to someone for stopping climate change or use it yourself for a climate action.
Also look back and feel good about what you accomplished as you go over it at the end of the month.

I hope this helps bring peace of mind.
And honestly puts money in your pocket.

This is important for politicians and people.
Please do it.

In the following months, put money continually in your pocket, and also continue to give the same amount to save the environment.
Keep doing it.
This should help over time get rid of waste in the economy.

Your families can compete at it if they wish.  Make a game of it.
For each environmental save put it down on a small piece of paper and put it in a hat.
The other person does the same.
You put your hand in the hat and try to pick a winner.
If it is one of your saves, you win. If not the other person tries.

I’ve saved and recorded for six years and it makes me feel I’ve accomplished something.
I hope you do it too.

And we'll all be winners at every draw out of a hat.

Murray Beech, Owen Sound





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