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Hello I’m Jacob Miller.  I'm 14 and live in Owen Sound. My mother is Jennifer Miller who helps run the REACH program. My dad is Mark Meti who also helps with REACH (and he made a lot of cool comic books that you should read). Anyway the reason I wanted to make this article is because my mom is dealing with some stressful news.  Charities like REACH and their families are really struggling for funding.

I am in the autism spectrum myself and these people at REACH can’t function the same and need the funding to help them. The REACH kids are not like us.  Some of them can’t read or write or even talk.  They need the money so that they have a safe place and a way to help them get jobs and show people that they are wonderful people.

My mom works a lot of jobs-   she runs three different companies including one she owns, JandJ Communications, and she also is a house wife and a awesome mom! She has also worked with the Big Brothers Big Sisters charity and Satellite Gymnastics. She was heartbroken to hear the news about REACH and she is planning on sending a letter to Doug Ford about funding for participants. 

I am writing this article to ask for help.  Please let Doug Ford know that the REACH program and participants need funding too. Please make sure REACH never closes and that they get the funding they need, and yes they are a charity.

- Jacob Miller, Owen Sound

This is some of the stressful news that Jacob is referring to about REACH:

"We have had to close the centre due to the vulnerable health of our program participants and their higher risk if exposed to this virus. Our staff are dedicated and doing what they can remotely to support our families while we wait to reopen once it is safe to do so. As a charity that receives no government funding for our program for youth and young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, without the help of our community, we will not be able to reopen the agency. "

Normal fundraising projects and donations are heavily impacted by the pandemic, and people with disabilities and their supports are meeting unexpected challenges that require a lot of advocacy with all levels of government. 










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