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Everyone is looking for something right? Well today in Owen Sound, Ontario I spotted two new creatures!
Maybe not of the animal kind but creatures nonetheless.
I was relaxing with my wife at a local Tim Hortons parking lot on Tenth Street about noon.
To my joy I saw something New and Cool.

I asked the woman driver from outside the one car what brings your new vehicles to town? She would not acknowledge me.testcars2
I thought maybe she is concerned I might be infected with COVID 19?

So I went directly back to our car. I did feel there is a story here! Took to social media and shared these two "New finds".
I waited patiently and decided to get a hot tea and than reparked beside the car that had a cloth drape over the entire car!
For sure there is a story here.

The young woman instantly got out of her adjacent car and started sharing not to take pictures!
I shared, "I thought you did not want to speak to me". She said, "I didn't"!  I kindly shared; "Neither do I".
She went back to her "new car". ..and we waited about 15 minutes until a gentleman arrived inthe parking lot in a jeep (in the Tim Hortons parking lot).
He abruptly takes off the cloth skirt and of course I ask him... Sir what are these two New Cars all about?  He said: "Don't take pictures and don't post them"
I shared nicely that "I have already and people are favouring your New Design".
He said thank you, but he is not allowed to discuss anything.

He left and the other driver followed suit.
testcar1I have noticed the unique lettering on the license plates. Contacted my Google App. and found out these cars are a manufacturing license holder.
Is it "Possible" I have uncovered a "New model" coming out for 2021?...and for for those conspiracy hobbyists "maybe" a dark secret(s)?

Let's have some fun and together let's find out the true story!
Why not?
We might as well do something.
Feel free to connect with the Hub.
Because who knows we might together do something that we have not done before!
Appreciating The Hub and those serving on our front lines!
We Love YOU!!!

Ray Botten, Owen Sound





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