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Larry-Miller-TwitterIn a March 16th article we transcribed MP Larry Miller's comments on the case of a woman who had earned her Canadian citizenship and wished to wear her traditional niqab at the ceremony. He was speaking on a local radio phone-in show.  He has since confirmed his views, but apologized for and retracted his further comments.



We asked you if you felt "most Canadians" agreed with Mr. Miller's opinion. 

You have begun to respond....


"Recent comments made by Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound MP Larry Miller regarding traditional face coverings serve to underline the disconnect between the Harper Government and Canadian citizens. Miller, in remarks on an open line radio show, commented that, "If you're not willing to show your face...if you don't want to do that, stay the hell where you came from." He was referring to the case of a Muslim woman who chose to wear a niqab while taking the Canadian citizenship oath.
"Those comments are unacceptable and un-Canadian," says Liberal Candidate Kimberley Love.
"There are few people living in this country who did not begin as immigrants. This nation – and this community – has been built on the strength of those people who chose to come here, who shared their culture and traditions, and who made their own contribution to our communities. Mr. Miller owes an immediate apology to our community, and to immigrants across Canada who treasure cultural practices which enhance – not harm – our Canada."
Miller went on to claim that it is his belief that 'most Canadians' feel the same way he does about the cultural practices of immigrants.
"Mr. Miller is clearly out of step with the views of most Canadians, and many of the constituents in his own riding," Love says, "He has offered up a chilling example of the kind of politics that creates confrontation and suspicion. This kind of comment from a public official has no place in a tolerant Canada."
-source, media release


 Dear Mr. Miller,

I am resident of West Grey and I am also irate and I also feel threatened.

I am irate as a member of a religious minority that has different attire and whose grandparents immigrated here to escape certain death in Poland.

And I feel threatened by your intolerant views on immigration and religious freedom.

Sadly but truly,

David Sugarman


So Mr. Miller thinks that "Most Canadians" agree with him??!! That people who don't want to be assimilated by our supposedly superior western culture should just "get the hell back where they came from". That statement in itself is astounding coming from a sitting Conservative MP supposedly representing all his constituents, some of whom undoubtedly are immigrants, who have brought their own cultures to enrich the fabric of our Canadian tapestry.

He does NOT speak for "most Canadians" because most Canadians would never utter such statements. Canada was settled by hardworking immigrants from many countries. And let's not forget the First Peoples, whose history clearly shows that they have a valid reason to be wary of Governments. Perhaps they should have sent the first explorers back where they came from.
On behalf of most Canadians I would like to apologize for Mr Miller's intolerant remarks. Perhaps he should do further research.

Sherry Hutchison
Georgian Bluffs




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