06834 20091004 lion dance Hong Kong Kowloon- by Anne Finlay-Stewart

It's a bright spring morning, and Kee-May Ip is already thinking about New Year's. Chinese New Year will be celebrated in late January in 2017, and May would like to give it a roaring good start with a traditional Lion Dance.

As lions are not native to Grey-Bruce, the organizers will have to pay for the services of lion dancers from Toronto, and to that end Kee-May is offering a series of three events to raise the necessary gold.

Thursday, June 16 she will offer a hands-on class in traditional Chinese wellness practice. There will be an introduction to the concepts of Wu Xing, Yin-Yang and meridians, an opportunity to learn about Chinese...

mudmoisselleMudmoiselle in the Beaver Valley officially kicks off with cancer survivor mud ambassadors on site. To be able to take on the obstacles, the mud, the pushing, the pulling, the jumping, the climbing and the grueling uphill hike on the former ski hill of Talisman Resort is a very humbling experience. "We're running for people who take on battles bigger

Georgiansign-featureNot sure which career path or program is right for you? Visit us at Community Night June 14. Find out more about Georgian College at Community Night – this is your opportunity to learn about our programs and services in a friendly, informative

By Cathy Hird

Monday morning and I wake up with a sharp pain in my arm just above my wrist. I don't remember bumping it, but I pull up the sleeve to examine the bruise. Nothing shows. A slight touch on the spot hurts though. Somehow I've injured the tendon.

I think back to what I did to hurt the arm. Oh yes. I got out my fly rod for the first time this year. I close my hand as if I had the rod in hand, and sure enough, that is ...




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