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In 1997, the provincial government developed a funding formula for education. Before 1997, kindergarten to grade 12 education was paid for through a combination of provincial funding and funding from local property taxes. When education was funded through local property taxes and school boards were able to decide on tax rates for education, boards with a "richer" tax base (e.g. larger urban centres) had much more money to spend on education than boards with a very small tax base.

One of the goals of the provincial funding formula was to make education funding more equitable across the

summerfolk summer student captionDo you know a student who loves music and regularly organizes fun events? They could work for Summerfolk. The Georgian Bay Folk Society is seeking applicants for the position of

shoesforwalkMen are once again being invited to put on a pair of women's heels for charity.

The 4th annual "Walk a Mile in Her Shoes®" fundraiser is coming to Harrison Park on Sunday, June 5, 2016.

The proceeds of 'Walk a Mile in Her Shoes®' Grey County event will benefit The Women's Centre (Grey & Bruce) Inc. The Women's Centre presently needs to fundraise for

Cathy-Hird-babelBy Cathy Hird

In an ancient Hebrew story, we are told of a time when humankind had one language and few words. People moved to a wide plain and decided to build a massive city with a great tower in its centre. They wanted to make a name for themselves, to draw all people to this one place so that they would not be scattered over the whole world.

And so they worked together, making bricks and mortar, laying a foundation ...




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